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Rayglass Diesel 2800

Concept Marine have designed boating packages that best suits you and makes boating simple and convenient, so you spend more time on the water.

Concept Marine offers more access to the boat compared to some others. This makes it one of the best options on the market today.

Joining Concept Marine will save you up to two thirds the cost of owning your own boat

  • 36 days access of the boat per
  • One off payment
  • No ongoing monthly fees
    Rayglass Legend 2500 Diesel
  • A fraction of the cost of individual boat ownership
  • Boat training available if required
  • No more maintenance costs
  • Orams fuel discount card
  • All servicing costs included
  • No insurance premiums
  • On-water fuel depot
  • Boat storage fee’s included
  • eliminate the need to purchase a large tow vehicle taking up valuable space at home

Orams Bar Area

The above outgoings could cost a boat owner up to an extra $11,300 per year for a boat of this value and size.

  • No outlay to purchase a boat, tying up capital that’s going to depreciate quickly
  • Enjoying a boat that is operated under the Maritime NZ Authority which is fully surveyed with many extras



Rayglass 2800


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Rayglass 2500

Rayglass 2500 Diesel

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