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Case Study 1

The Problem

I wanted the best solution for our family to enjoy a fantastic boat that represented real value. So I could take the family out and enjoy the Hauraki Gulf fishing and exploring the numerous islands.

The Solution

Fishing Boat Share

After lengthy hours of researching the right boat to buy, I came across Concept Marine Ltd and the opportunity of leasing one of their Rayglass boats.


After a very enjoyable and informative get together with the guys from Concept Marine I was amazed that there were no other ongoing fees like insurance, maintenance, servicing, Dry stack fees, boat club Membership costs etc. This confirmed to me that leasing is a smarter and cost effective alternative to owning a spectacular boat like their Rayglass Legend 2500.


I calculated, if I had to pay for all of the above on an annual basis the costs would be approximately $11,300 per year and this was not allowing for the depreciation of your asset. (Another $9000 per year).


It made obvious sense to leave my money in the bank earning interest and not having my hard earned cash tied up in a depreciating item such as a boat especially in this current financial climate.


I then joined the Concept Marine team, and have now enjoyed over 3 years boating for less investment than it would have cost me for 1 year owning my own boat.


I would highly recommend this company to anyone that is serious about getting into boating without tying up a whole lot of capital.

Grant Brown.


Case Study 2

The Solution


I am in my 2nd year with the Concept Marine Ltd. when I originally looked at this option, my first thoughts were, “what’s the catch”. It has proved to be the boating bargain of the century !


To be involved with this option places you in a top end pleasure craft for a minimal annual outlay. The individual allocated days of use are generous and quite often, flexible. Further financial involvement extends to fuel and bait! end of story.


The management of Concept Marine are involved on a daily basis and their communication and dedication to their clients is truly outstanding. They are always personally available, and their attention to the inevitable minor problems and maintenance issues that arise is instant and very professional.


I am more than happy to chat with anybody interested in this boating experience.


Kind Regards


Geoff:  0274-419-139





Case Study 3

The Problem

I had been involved in the scheme for a year now and based upon my experiences during that time, I would have no hesitation in recommending this scheme to anyone as the most convenient and hassle free way to enjoy your boating activities. Joining the scheme with the use of ‘Reel Bonus’ (Rayglass 2500) back in mid-2011, myself, friends and family have enjoyed many days on this fantastic boat in and around the Hauraki Gulf.


I had owned a 6.4m Fi Glass trailer boat for three years prior to getting to know Craig and Craig at Concept Marine. The hassles that I had experienced with my own boat with storage, maintenance, launching and retrieving with three young kids combined with the costs involved meant we were not enjoying our boating experiences. Compared with the minimal leasing cost for a larger better equipped boat that is based at Orams the decision to get out of private ownership and into a lease arrangement was quite simple.


The Solution

Craig and Craig go out of their way to make sure our boating experiences were hassle free and it has been this way for us since day one. The convenience and security offered in walk on walk off boating from the Orams Marine dry stack, combined with a clean and fully fuelled boat ready for us to go every time make for an exceptionally easy and enjoyable boating experience. We have no hesitation at all in recommending Concept Marine to anyone who is looking for an entry level into an exceptionally well appointed boat without the high capital outlay and maintenance that is required in outright ownership of a boat of similar size.


Paul Raynes





Case Study 4

The Solution

I would like to thank you for a great years boating aboard Bonus.


The walk on walk off boating was fantastic, it made it very easy to take the family out with no hassles of putting a boat in the water and dealing with trailers, parking etc. Bonus is a credit to concept marine, the Rayglass is fantastic and the up keep of her is even better.


I look forward to another years boating and have no hesitation in recommending Concept Marine to others.


Matthew Farmer



We decided to boat share for a year to see if we would enjoy owning a boat, without having to purchase one to find out.


We contacted the team at Concept Marine and we were guided through the process very thoroughly and professionally, we selected Reel Bonus and we were very happy with it's stability in the water and the level to which it was maintained.


Being at Orams it was easy to wash down the boat afterwards and refueling  was straightforward too.


Highly Recommended!


Ryon & Emily



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