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Frequently Asked Questions


    • How do I pay for my membership
    • A one off payment would be made
    • Is my membership Tax deductable
    • We suggest you consult you're Accountant for their opinion
    • Can I park my car in Orams drystack while I'm out in the boat
    • Yes, but only one car may be parked per boat. Other cars can be parked outside

Orams Boat  Loader

    • What area can the boat opperate in
    • Inside the greater Hauraki Gulf. A map clearly showing all of the areas would be provided on sign up
    • Do I have ownership of the Vessel
    • Concept Marine Ltd own the boat
    • What is the minimium commitment
    • A standard contract is for a 12 month period
    • Can I share my memberships with my friends


    • No, unfortunatley not. You are the sole Skipper of the boat You can of course buy more than one membership
    • Where are the boats stored
    • At Orams dry stack right on the waters edge in Weshaven Marina
    • How much notice do I need to give to get the boat put in the water
    • A minimum of one hour
    • What safety equipment is on board

Rayglass Diesel 2800 stern rear cockpit

  • The boat is in SSM Survey which means all safety equipment is on board like (life jackets,flares etc)
  • Who pays for the premium of the Boat Insurance
  • Concept Marine Ltd does
  • Who pays for the Insurance excess when a claim is lodged
  • The sydicate member driving the vessel at the time of the accident
  • Who pays for the Orams Drystack memebership fees
  • Concept Marine Ltd
  • Who pays for the servicing and up keep of the Vessel
  • Concept Marine Ltd does

Rayglass 2800


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Rayglass 2500

Rayglass 2500 Diesel

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